Saturday, February 04, 2012

Author at the school!


Yesterday our school was visited by author Monique Polak!  She is a Canadian author who has written many books!  She is a really fun person, I was so honoured to meet her.  Monique gave me tips about writing, and a fun enthusiastic look on writing poetry.  She said: Only use the words that have to be there.  She read my poem and those were her words of advice for me.

 Good news, I might be able to have the honour of interviewing Mrs. Polak on my blog!  I have asked her, and waiting anxiously for her response!

Let's all hope for the best!



  1. Hi there Zemmzemm, Now, that's a totally cool blog! It's energetic and full of useful info. I'm impressed. And sure, I'd be happy to be interviewed by a star such as yourself!!!

  2. Aww.. a star? Really? Thanks Monique!

  3. Wow! Can't wait to read the interview! Congrats!