Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey, any Questions? Ideas? Anything!?

Hey readers, do you have any lesson post ideas, or perhaps a question you'd like answered? I need some inspiration from you guys! You aren't a very lively bunch! Only those I know personally are posting comments!! Why doesn't anyone else want to post a comment? Don't be shy! I don't bite! And even if I did, this is Internet people! The only bites that a computer knows are computer bytes! Anywho, don't be shy! Please ask, suggest and comment away!

Zemmzemm :P

Friday, September 09, 2011

(You tell me!) The Pros... and Cons of Writing! (I have UPDATED this post)

So, I am writing a new kind of post! I call it the (You tell me!) post. This post is where I fill in some of the info, then you leave a comment and tell me the rest! I will write (You tell me!) in parts of this post, and those are the parts YOU, the readers, fill in! I will then tell you guys someone has suggested something, and with permission of the reader, I will post their ideas to this post! Like it? Here we go!

I have UPDATED this post. I have added a reader's comment to it, so please read it!

Ok, so Pros and Cons... let's start with the Pros...


Pros of writing... some think all writing aspects are pros.. but that's not the case.. we'll get into that later!

Pros... (You tell me!) (this is a part where you comment to this post and tell me what YOU think some pros of writing will be!)

Ok, so I have had a reader tell me what she thought some pros of writing may be. She said:

1:   It can help you let your emotions go.
2:  It brings out your imagination.
3:  It can lead to fame, in the future.
4: It can help you connnect with your inner self.
5:  You can be yourself by expressing how you feel through your writing!!!

Ok, moving on to... Cons!


Cons of writing... what could a possible con of writing be??? Do you have any ideas? I know I do, but (You tell me!) (Another part you fill in by leaving a comment!)

Ok, I hope this new kind of post will be a HIT!

Thanks all!

Zemmzemm :)

Monday, September 05, 2011


Okay readers. I need your help. I have a friend, Arrmya119, and she is a teen, like me, who loves to write. She's started a blog called Building Hope. I'd like you guys to go and check it out. Don't be shy to leave a comment and follow her blog.!

Comment ex:  My name is Zemmzemm and I am a follower of Writer's Passion. (your personalized comment goes here)

If you go visit her blog, please post a comment to this post and tell me that you visited it, so that I'll know, okay?

Thanks a million,


P.S I forgot to give you the link!

 Building Hope Book