Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Idea

Ok guys, I've got a new idea for my blog posting, but I'm gonna need your help, so you'll need to be consistent as well! Please visit the site as much as you can!

My new idea is that I will still have my regular lesson posts, but a new kind of post will also be added. This new kind of post is going to be a post where you guys ask questions to me, and I will make a lesson out of your questions! You can let me know if you want your name mentioned or if you'd like me to just leave it as is.

So, how it'll work is that you can either post a comment to this post, or you can email me (those who have my email) your question. I will then, as soon as I can, make your question into a lesson for the blog.

This will help me, you (the question writer) and the WHOLE group of you guys, because you will learn things from my answers, and from others questions... It'll be a learning experience for everyone!

Hope you'll participate! It'll be to everyone's benefit if you do! And if you are reading this post but are not a member of the group, just click follow on the to left corner, and join my site. You can also join this site with Google Friend Connect, at the middle right side. Feel free to ask questions about my new idea, or make suggestions for new ideas!

Thanks to all! Have a good day!



  1. Leave your questions/comments here or email me!

  2. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I can't think of any questions right now :( I'll email you when I have one :)


  3. I heard there are different forms of writing like when i read, the main character of the story would be telling the story. Or a different person would be writing the story. So could you explain this? Thanks.

  4. I sure could. Thanks colorgirl. Would you like me to use your name in the post?